Ken Himes - Victoria British Columbia

NO RIP OFFS HERE! My sweetie and I had just bought a beautiful new home. There were lots of bills that summer. Extra things needed to be paid such as insurance, home security, tools, garden gnomes and beer. Then my company truck started acting badly. Chugging and coughing at certain speeds only. My backyard mechanic buddies said it sounded like a tranny job. A Transmission job would be the end of my summer dreams- and hers. So an old friend that owned an auto shop sent me to the Wayne's World of Bullfrog Transmissions. I was reluctant at first but had heard several good things from the locals, including honesty and integrity were a big part of that companies mission statement. So I went down to the shop got a warm greeting from Wayne and he quickly took my Big Blue for a test drive. Moments later he was back with the prognosis. I waited for the bad news to come. But, I only needed spark plugs. I nearly fell over, and was expecting the big ugly transmission job. A life altering calamity. Wayne could have taken me to the proverbial cleaners and I would not have known the difference. Trust me a Nationally known company had shafted me years ago. And it still stings today. Not Bullfrog Transmission though, they are squeaky clean professionals whom I will tell my friends -several thousand or so what a great job they did for me!

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